Wednesday, April 5, 2017

First Day Out

Today we brought our two litters together and let them play in the grass. I would have to say that they all had a lot of fun.  

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Home Sweet Home (Bunnies)

We are entering into a new world of rabbit husbandry. Over the last few months we have built our first hutch that will hold our breeders and have obtained most of the wood for the kindling cages. We have also purchased three rabbits, two does and one male and were given another rabbit we thought to be a female but turned out to be male. As we could not keep an extra male we were given a chance to practice butchering and cooking rabbit. I must say it turned out wonderful. About a week after we brought our does home we were visited by a little black doe that we think was a pet but had been lost/released into the area. We checked the local missing pet boards but in the end we kept her. She walked right into a cage (after a little coaching) and is living very happily next to our two sisters, Stormy and Misty. We named our new friend Blackthorn.

We’ve put together a video about building the hutch and have actually started an Instagram picture blog for our bunnies and other critters. Check us out at chickiebunny on Instagram. 


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall Garlic

     Three weeks ago we received our blackberries and garlic. We planted the blackberries right away and they are all taken care of, but we had to wait a bit for the garlic. We were finally able to get our little garden area set and plant the garlic on the tenth.
     Last year we grew some garlic in the large garden and it was wonderful. This year we thought we would try our little area because it worked so well for our onions. We picked out two different types for this season. We’ll be sporting a Persian Star and Elephant garlic (goodness they are big). Of the elephant we only received four cloves but they should yield a lot.

     My little helper was having too much fun with her friend so she is here but not really “here”. Assisting and adding commentary will be Mama. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall Blackberries

     Today we started something of a project. My daughter, Prissy, and I decided that we wanted to post about our garden. It would be something that we could do together and have fun with all year round and also share with others. Over the last few years our garden hasn’t been all that much to talk about but we really want to change that. Hopefully this blog will keep us on our (green) toes and help us make our garden grow. This should be lots of fun so let us know what you think.

     We’re starting with fall planting of blackberries. As I understand it, planting in the fall helps them get a leg up for the spring. We are going to be planting Triple Crown, thorn-less Blackberries purchased from Burpee. We have compost that has been aging for a little over a year to mix in and after we will have to protect the plants from our little ladies. Let’s go have some fun.